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Sneak peek of 2x01

2x01, 'Survival'

The hatch is open, the boy has been taken, and everything is thrown into chaos. Locke risks his life to enter the hatch, leaving Jack in a hard position: Go after him and possibly save his life, or go back to the castaways and lead them through the night? Sayid heads down to the beach to make sure it's safe, Kate has a fearsome encounter, and we see a familiar face...

Act 1 Guest Stars: Erica Gimpel as Carrie King
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October 24 2005, 17:11:24 UTC 11 years ago

Hey man, UltimateNinja from MZP forums here.

Typo watch 1: End of page 4 - "L0ocke" instead of "Locke"
Typo watch 2: Halfway down page 5, Jack's dialogue - "surviveds" instead of "survived"

Character watch: I don't buy for a second that Locke would drop down - he may have strong beliefs in many things, but he's not stupid. Unless of course there's something in the story further on that explains this....

Good stuff: I liked the start with Locke's flashback, and how we learn that his "catchphrase" was started by his mother.

Ninja out.